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Cleaning with Meaning is an important aspect to how we operate. As such we have taken the Health and Safety Standards along with other industry compliance requirements and raised the bar. Does this mean we can literally say we are better than the rest? Maybe, but for us it's just how we operate.

All of this contributes to our long-established history of providing a leading service to all of our clients across an extensive array of sectors. This one little phrase drives the engine of our business, retains our team and nurtures the relationships we build with clients to the point that they become advocates for us contributing to our organic year on end growth.


Aside from the internal and external perspective of our business, for the past decade our management team have taken ‘cleaning with meaning’ one step further, implementing ways that our organisation as a whole can positively impact the communities we operate within. One of our main recent positive impact partnerships is with Child Matters, a charitable trust set up to reduce child abuse and neglect. Their objective is something we have always felt deserves our additional support, up-skilling those working and interacting with children, young people and their families and whānau so they are able to identify risks concerning vulnerability and abuse while possessing the knowledge and confidence to take appropriate action.

We are relaible, accountable, affable and easy to approach. All important ingredients for our recipe for success.

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