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There is a lot that goes into being an innovative company in the field of commercial cleaning. Many think of cleaning as something almost anyone can do, but in reality the skills, techniques, science and products involved in doing it to the highest calibre are strategic and often more intense than most realise. The biggest point of difference and the advantage that Kiwi Commercial Cleaning has over the rest of the pack is it’s foundation in science and having a full time microbiologist on staff.


This is our starting line. Using the science of microbiology to achieve the highest hygiene levels. We pride ourselves on being dynamic, flexible and willing to take on any challenges that present themselves. We trust the science behind the cleaning and although needs may change, the science will always determine how to best handle your requirements. Workplace activities change throughout the year, staff numbers may fluctuate and different seasons bring different hygiene concerns and procedures. This is why we consider ourselves a partner for your business, willing and able to accommodate your unique needs as you need them.


We have also developed our own very successful in-house KCC Training Academy. Our leaders have extensive knowledge and experience in commercial cleaning, coupled with our unique science understanding and micro biology practices. All KCC franchisees and their teams are required to complete and pass this training before they are able to execute any service at a clients site. Trainees are taken through this extensive programme which includes Health & Safety Protocols, Employment Requirements, Customer & Site Care and finally on-site real-time practical training.


Another edge that Kiwi Commercial Cleaning prides itself on is the cleaning products we chose to use. Tested to the highest standards in a laboratory, our products are the perfect combination of being kind to humans, allergies and your services while still having immensely powerful cleaning and anti-bacterial properties. 


The combination of our science, technology, procedures, cleaning products and training is what gives us a unique leading edge in our sector. Constant review, upskilling and upgrading is what has built our reputation and brand.




Kiwi Commercial Cleaning have assisted us greatly during this turbulent Covid-19 time and implemented the extra measures for our customers to ensure their workplace and common areas are as hygienic as possible.


Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s ability to always adapt as new situations arise has always been impressive, especially at present when we are all in such dynamic, & stringent times and there is such a strong focus on hygiene.


We were immediately impressed by the far superior quality of service they provided, and the ease with which they responded to any changes and extra cleaning requirements.

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