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Angela Behrens - Director & Microbiologist

Angela Behrens is a Microbiologist and Biochemist who plays an integral role in leading the clients, franchisees and cleaners of Kiwi Commercial Cleaning through the Science of Cleaning.

Angela is a Director of Kiwi Commercial Cleaning and is heavily involved in the financial management and direction of the business.

She conducts onsite inspections, testing and risk reporting for existing and new clients, advising on strategies for risk mitigation. This includes the taking of swabs and running laboratory tests where required. Angela assists Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s Operations and Training teams with the implementation of best practice cleaning strategies and ongoing risk analysis and mitigation strategies.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys gardening, running, reading and cooking. 

Angela Behrens - Director & Microbiologist

Aston Wells - Director

Aston is the Director and Head of Sales for Kiwi Commercial Cleaning and is dedicated to ensuring all stakeholders share in the value created within and outside of the organisation. 

Aston says; “Having been involved in this industry since I was at university, I have always strived to ensure the value created is shared among all those involved in both producing and receiving our service. ‘Changing the face of Cleaning’ has been a mantra I have held dear to me, with respect to the legacy of my late brother who was my original business partner.


To ‘Change the Face of Cleaning’ means, at its core, ensuring every decision made focuses on maximising and bringing to the forefront the value created by providing this essential service. I am incredibly passionate about working with our clients, management team and especially the brilliant franchisees we have been fortunate enough to on board thus far.”

When he’s not working, Aston enjoys travelling, exploring a vast array of cuisines, and random chats with strangers.

Aston Wells - Director

Rihan Salim – National Operations Manager

Rihan is the senior Operations Manager at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, dedicated to achieving excellence with respect to service standards and exceeding client expectations. 


“I have had a passion for, and have been involved in, the Commercial Cleaning industry for over 12 years. I have seen it all! There is nothing more satisfying than sharing the wealth of knowledge I have attained over the years with our talented group of franchisees and knowing that our service is out there making a real difference for our clients. No day is ever the same and this provides new and exciting challenges which I enjoy tackling head on. 


For a successful operation, the client - franchisee relationship is fundamental. A key part of our system includes periodic site inspections which are conducted across the whole portfolio. This allows me to really get to know our clients on another level and provide valuable service enhancing feedback to our franchisees.”


In his spare time, Rihan enjoys watching movies and sports.

Rihan Salim - National Operations Manager

Kylie Frank- Sales Manager, Bay of Plenty.

Kylie is very client focused with 23 years of sales experience, and has won many sales awards from various roles. She is well known for her bubbly, happy, get the job done personality.


“I want to make sure our clients get the best service and I will always strive to support them in this pursuit of excellence. We have an amazing team here at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning. From Management to our wonderful Franchisees, all are passionate and driven and this only motivates me more to make the dream work. At the end of the day, business is all about people. If we all come together, we can build something exciting and worth fighting for. Let’s have a chat and produce the best plan for keeping your business hygienic and productive!”

Kylie is a very proud mum of 2 beautiful children and loves nothing more than making memories with them outside of work. 

She is also a keen squash player and loves walking, hiking, swimming, and immersing herself in nature.

Kylie Frank - Sales Manager, Bay Of Plenty

Angela Carroll - Operations Manager, Bay of Plenty

Angela is the Bay of Plenty Operations Manager for Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, and is involved in utilising innovation and research expertise to take our operations strategy to the next level.


Kiwi Commercial Cleaning is expanding around NZ and with this comes the need for operational excellence. After 20 years of experience, Angela has handled a vast selection of operation and growth projects from start to finish, so there's no doubt she has the right tools for the job. "I enjoy promoting companies to help them increase their profits and love being part of a team that increases awareness of the business in Tauranga." 

With a strong background in business management, cleaning operations, training and assessment, hazardous analysis of critical control points, and quality control, we are all excited observing the shared meaning that her efforts produce. 

When she isn't gearing up small businesses through expert knowledge and managing strategy, Angela enjoys embracing family life, fishing and swimming.


Angela Carroll - Operations Manager, Bay Of Plenty

Kevin Jones - Director 

Kevin is the Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for Kiwi Commercial Cleaning and is dedicated to our mantra “Cleaning with Meaning”. He is also heavily involved in the strategy and direction of Kiwi Commercial Cleaning.


Of Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s partnership with anti-child abuse charity Child Matters, Kevin says: “I believe we all need a purpose, a sense of Meaning from our work. Let’s face it, commercial cleaning can be hard and it can be tedious, but if I know that cleaning an office not only gives a good result for a client and feeds my family, but also the turnover contribution from that job may just help even one Kiwi kid not be abused, then I have found my Meaning. And better still, when that Meaning is shared, our clients participate in it too - it becomes a Shared Meaning, and the momentum from that is unstoppable.”


When he’s not working, Kevin enjoys the sea, learning to speak Croatian and reading.

Kevin Jones - Director
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