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2022 Fish n Chicks


Excitement ignited Louise and Kylie, the two KCC champions of the Bay of Plenty, on the 11th of February as they faced a gripping challenge. Unlike a typical day of sales calls and client meetings, the two were facing up against a fleet of female anglers in the annual Stabi-Craft fish n chicks competition. Over twenty years ago, a group of women got together to form an event that would get women on the water fishing as a group. This was the annual Stabicraft Fish n Chicks competition. Still, today, the event motto is 'fun, fishing and fundraising.'

This year female anglers from all over New Zealand got together to compete. The hype had been building in the months leading up to the event, with coordinator Jaime anticipating "the most fun and successful tournament the club has ever seen". Event organizers are very passionate about promoting women's fishing while simultaneously giving back to their local community through yearly sponsorships.

KCC is behind this mindset one hundred per cent. We admire those who create things with meaning and value in mind. This year, we were astounded to see that a charitable organization geared towards helping children in New Zealand was being sponsored for the first time since the event's origin. Homes of hope.... (elaboration). This foundation is dedicated to restoring health and wellness in New Zealand Children. No restrictions apply to this organization will stop at nothing, providing 24/7 care to children in need of foster care. These kids are nurtured and loved through the whole process.

Kylie and Louise were highly motivated by the fresh sea air and keen sense of competition, and by being involved if supported something they value care and love for our New Zealand kids.

"It's great to be a part of something that gives back to the community and brings us together", keen words from Kylie, who also didn't disappoint when it came to catching some big fish;

Our team members were worried this event would be cancelled due to social distancing restrictions set in place by covid. Getting a vessel ready for the sea was not easy; acquiring a boat and hunting down a skipper took longer than expected. If that wasn't enough, the two anglers were struck by a flock of pooping birds! "Maybe that is good luck for my next trip," says determined Kylie. Nothing has stopped these two in their tracks, as is evident by their hauling in of a 20kg Kingi.

"It was an amazing feeling to catch that kingi as it was the biggest fish I've ever caught, and I'm addicted; I love being out in the big blue sea away from all the hustle and bustle. It makes me feel so free."

Actioning their KCC principles, the two stayed with the skipper boys to help clean up the fish invested vessel, and the two left the trip with a new hobby and some great memories.


Homes of Hope "are passionate about delivering the very best therapeutic foster care services for children from hard places who have suffered abuse and neglect. they prevent siblings from being separated and ensure the stability of their care for as long as it is needed."

KCC is a proud and consistent sponsor of Child Matters. This organization is heavily involved in education around child abuse and prevention strategies. We are very proud of this and honestly believe this organization contributes to a better tomorrow for New Zealanders.

We are also very intrigued by Homes and Hope and their involvement as a group. Unfortunately, while education is vital in preventing harm to children in the future, many children require immediate assistance and foster care, Homes of Hope;

"works on the front lines in assisting children that are in need 24/7. They work meticulously in their efforts to unify siblings and stay focused even when the process takes years and years to execute." We set out "to do things differently for children", creating loving and nurturing family homes.

~(Hillary Price, CEO)

Organizations like Homes of Hope, are the reason why events like Fish n chicks are meaningful.

Help change the lives of Kiwi kids and choose how you want to help...

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