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Proud supporters of Child Matters

Proud contributor to bettering young Kiwi lives

The team at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning Co. would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope you are pleased with receiving a top-notch service from our Franchisees.

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning Co. is committed to supporting charitable work in our community, as we believe that sharing the proceeds of our business creates meaning for all of us. We don’t believe in giving as an afterthought, once profits have been calculated. Rather, we see sharing as a top line expense, an investment in something bigger and better than all of us.

For this reason, we share a fixed percentage of our turnover with Child Matters.

Child Matters is a specialist child protection training organisation delivering education for the prevention of child abuse in New Zealand. They use an immense amount of resources to educate the wider community about our collective responsibility to protect our young and vulnerable. Child Matters has a proven track record, delivering on a service that we also believe is a national priority.

Our philosophy is simple: We donate a percentage of the Company’s total revenue every month throughout the year to Child Matters. The idea of supporting this wonderful cause via turnover – not profit – means we will contribute fairly and transparently. This is a collective contribution from us all.

So whether you are a cleaner, a franchisee, a client or a shareholder, you know that for every dollar spent on cleaning, a percentage of that goes directly towards preventing child abuse in New Zealand. In this way, our Corporate Family expands to include our most vulnerable.

More information is available at or by emailing Our systems allow us to keep our stakeholders and particularly our clients directly informed as to where shared revenue has been utilised by Child Matters.

We firmly believe in aligning our Company with key people and businesses like yourselves and sharing in the value created.

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