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The Kiwi Commercial Cleaning brand has been developed over many years of operation by our leadership team. We didn’t just set out to create a service offering we could sell, instead we focused on building something reliable and professional that we are privileged to own. We focused on some of the gaps in the market and began to develop our unique set of behaviours and actions that build trust and advocacy. The process took an investment of both time and capital to do it right, but for our stake holders it was the only and obvious way to go.

Building a reputation and brand that has meaning is not only of greater benefit to our clients, but is also what builds the value and longevity of our company. It simply makes sense. That extra energy and investment has today resulted in an entity we are proud of, a brand that our team are honoured to represent and be a part of, and a brand that our clients appreciate and are comfortable to lean on to ensure their cleaning needs are met and done right.

And in case you were wondering, this does not mean we are expensive. It simply means that we attract and retain happy clients with minimal attrition. Being a trusted brand means having integrity in all we do, including the transparency of our pricing. We also have an inherent and unique set of values that our team believes in and aligns with.


"A strong team is made up of equal parts character and competence. We ensure that our intent and vision are carried out by the team with integrity. We ensure each member has the skills and confidence to continue to reinforce our track record, reputation and results. It’s a proven formula ...just ask any of our clients.


The following is the tip of of the iceberg, a selection of points from our training academy that help you understand how we approach our service offerings. At the end of the day ‘cleaning’ is simply the vehicle we have chosen, it is the company and culture we have created that is the realisation of our dreams:


Stand for something and articulate it through your actions. Help people see the why behind the what. Consider the stories you tell, the tweets or links you send, the pictures you post as equivalent to the words you speak.



Listen to learn. Withhold judgment. Engage in real dialogue. Hold yourself to high standards. Own what you do or don't do, remember silence speaks too.



Be good at what you do. Competence is a litmus test for believability. Hone your skills and learn from your colleagues as they will also learn from you. You are part of a team but you are also a unique human being with a lot to offer. Take ownership of your contribution; be self-managed, self-motivated, and self-aware.



Do what you say you'll do; model what you say on what matters to you. This is behavioural integrity. Be known for how you show up; how you walk-your-talk.



See people as individuals, not roles; show respect, kindness, and consideration. Start by paying more attention to what people do right, than wrong. Always try to see the good, first.



Be fair. Engage people in the process. Fairness is about involvement, transparency, and clarity, not sameness or acquiescence.



Know what matters to the people around you. Actions. Behaviours. Words. They all count and have ripples. Use caution. Operate to minimise risk. Eg. minimise the fear others might have sharing their ideas, thoughts, feedback, and dreams with you.



Offer feedback with positive intention, no personal agenda, and helpful consideration. Be someone people want to work with. Make it easy and enjoyable to work with you.



Own your actions. Report hazards and always put the safety of you and your team first. Keep perspective if things go wrong or setbacks happen (personal ones, too). You have support so please ensure you speak up. There is no shame or judgement and our entire team will always strive to show appreciation. We notice what others do to make things easier or better for us as an organisation and our clients.



Kiwi Commercial Cleaning have assisted us greatly during this turbulent Covid-19 time and implemented the extra measures for our customers to ensure their workplace and common areas are as hygienic as possible.


Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s ability to always adapt as new situations arise has always been impressive, especially at present when we are all in such dynamic, & stringent times and there is such a strong focus on hygiene.


We were immediately impressed by the far superior quality of service they provided, and the ease with which they responded to any changes and extra cleaning requirements.

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