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At Kiwi Commercial Cleaning we have a simple mantra, “cleaning with meaning”, it is the basis of everything we do. It is the engine of our innovative practices, and at the heart of how we support our team and serve our clients.

BUT WHAT DOES it mean?

Cleaning with meaning” means we are currently the only commercial cleaning company in New Zealand to have a full-time Microbiologist on the board of directors. Using the science of microbiology to achieve the highest standards of hygiene gives us and our clients confidence in the service we provide, assured by the effectiveness of our methods and our ability to adapt to changing needs. While the dynamism of the workplace and the breadth of the industries we serve is constantly presenting new challenges when it comes to hygiene concerns and procedures, the science will always determine how to best handle your requirements.

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning Microbiology Testing
Child Matters

Cleaning with meaning” means an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. We exemplify this through our partnership with Child Matters, a charitable trust set up to reduce child abuse and neglect. They train those who work with young people to identify, and appropriately respond to risks concerning vulnerability and abuse. By allocating a percentage of monthly turnover to Child Matters, we are constantly reminded that we are serving a greater purpose; with every toilet we scrub we are helping keep vulnerable children out of harm’s way. You can learn more about Child Matters here, and their proactive approach to the protection of our youth.

Cleaning with meaning” means pride in our team. A crucial element of our business model is that our franchisees are fulfilled, and feel invested in. At Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, you don’t just buy a job and a uniform – you buy into a community, a support network and an ownership of your business, and your destiny. Our franchisees report immense satisfaction in their work; we can stand behind this statement as the board of directors maintains a personal relationship with each and every one of them.

Rihan Salim, Kiwi Commercial Cleaning National Operations Manager

"A strong team is made up of equal parts character and competence. We ensure that our intent and vision are carried out by the team with integrity. We ensure each member has the skills and confidence to continue to reinforce our track record, reputation and results. It’s a proven formula - just ask any of our clients.




The team at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning have consistently provided a high standard of cleaning in all of our locations including, two large office spaces and our onsite, award winning café – Welcome Eatery and if issues ever arise they are always quick to sort them.


Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s ability to always adapt as new situations arise has always been impressive, especially at present when we are all in such dynamic, & stringent times and there is such a strong focus on hygiene.


We were immediately impressed by the far superior quality of service they provided, and the ease with which they responded to any changes and extra cleaning requirements.

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