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At Kiwi Commercial Cleaning we have a simple mantra, "cleaning with meaning", it is the basis of everything we do. It feeds into the way our customers feel about us, and also what using us says about them when they share our details with other potential clients that are looking to procure cleaning services or change to a more reliable provider.


"Cleaning with meaning" also defines how we recruit and train our team. How we support them as the front face of our business determines how we shape our brand from the inside out. It’s important to us that our team is satisfied and motivated, that they feel secure and that they understand the importance of hygiene for our clients so they can embrace their purpose and know they are making a difference that is appreciated. Our investment in their training gives them confidence and pride that they are not just a 'cleaner'.


All of this contributes to our long-established history of providing a leading service to all of our clients across an extensive array of sectors. Our mantra drives the engine of our business, retains our team and nurtures the relationships we build with clients to the point that they become advocates for us, contributing to our organic year on year growth.


Aside from the internal and external perspective of our business, our management team have taken "cleaning with meaning" one step further, implementing ways that our organisation as a whole can positively impact the communities we operate within. One of our primary positive impact partnerships is with Child Matters, a charitable trust set up to reduce child abuse and neglect. Their objective is something we have always felt deserves our support, up-skilling those working and interacting with children, young people and their families so they are able to identify risks concerning vulnerability and abuse while possessing the knowledge and confidence to take appropriate action.

We are reliable, accountable, affable and easy to approach - all important ingredients for our recipe for success.


"Hygiene and cleanliness has never been more important. We have both the science and training to ensure your space is proactively protected in everyday possible to reduce bacteria and to make your space virally uninhabitable where possible.




The team at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning have consistently provided a high standard of cleaning in all of our locations including, two large office spaces and our onsite, award winning café – Welcome Eatery and if issues ever arise they are always quick to sort them.


Kiwi Commercial Cleaning’s ability to always adapt as new situations arise has always been impressive, especially at present when we are all in such dynamic, & stringent times and there is such a strong focus on hygiene.


We were immediately impressed by the far superior quality of service they provided, and the ease with which they responded to any changes and extra cleaning requirements.

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