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Being deeply entrenched in the science of cleaning, Kiwi Commercial Cleaning approaches cleanliness with a microscopic lens, quite literally. With input from our microbiologist, our deep cleans have been designed to effectively target microbial growth in both high-touch surfaces, and those that are hard to reach – having a lasting positive effect on the transmission of illnesses from contaminated surfaces. This is an especially important practice for Medical Centres and Education Facilities, areas where the rapid spread of infection is both prevalent and extremely important to recognise, contain and reduce.

We recommend this service where local outbreak may be a concern for your workplace or facility – for example, Norovirus spreading throughout a preschool. Or, simply as a preventative measure against seasonal ills and chills. Using our lab-tested virucidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, and antibacterial products, and in addition to your regular service specification, every surface is thoroughly cleaned including but not limited to air ducts and surfaces otherwise inaccessible during regular service cleans (from which every item is removed, sanitised, and replaced exactly). Should you wish to take this process one step further, you can even opt for a disinfectant fogging of your space.

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning Disinfectant Fogging


The process of fogging involves the dispersal of extremely fine droplets of an antimicrobial solution, maximising area coverage and binding with surfaces throughout. Once the solution polymerises with the surface it forms a micro-biostatic protective film, which kills pathogens as soon as they contact the surface, for months after its application. The solution is non-toxic, allergen friendly, and has the benefit of significantly reducing microbial growth between deep cleans. This is a service that Kiwi Commercial Cleaning established in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and one that we can incorporate into your deep clean as required.

Trust the science and make your workplace safer today – enquire below about deep cleaning.

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