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Why should a small business hire commercial cleaners?

If I am a small business owner in New Zealand, what are the real benefits of a commercial cleaner?

New Zealand is full of small businesses owned by people from all walks of life. Commercial cleaning may seem unnecessary to a small business owner who does not have a vast space. One can also assume that the budget for commercial cleaning needs to be quite extensive. If you have small premises or are worried about potentially costly pricing models, these worries need not bog you down.

Commercial cleaning is simple. It cleans a wide variety of business types with various cleaning methods. The reality is that many small business owners who may be dubious at first realize once they delve in that they needed commercial cleaning all along. Commercial cleaning scales with your needs, have a smaller space? Only floor, surface and carpet cleaning are required, so the cost reflects this, less time and equipment are used when cleaning, and hence the price lowers as well.

If your space is small and you think you can clean it yourself, that is great! Cleaning can be a fun task for a small office. It can encourage teamwork, but inboarding the service entirely can take the fun from other areas, like having time for drinks after work and enjoying a full hour for a lunch break! The wonderful thing is that you can have the best of both worlds by delegating and specifying work done by professional cleaners and keeping cleaning tasks for the office to carry out itself. Start small and add more services as things change in your office environment. Initiating a relationship with commercial cleaners can be immensely powerful. If you feel unsure, start small with agreed services. Over time, you will perceive commercial cleaning as a service and a foundation for peace, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

This service goes beyond just keeping your space clean for a small cost.

  • If you can free up space in your budget in the short term, it goes a long way to securing savings in the long term. If you haven’t been living under a rock with flintstones for the last few years, you know how sickness can stall productivity in the workplace. Most importantly, though, it affects the health and wellbeing of your staff. In these times, people will be safer and feel more inclined to work at the office instead of at home. Fewer sick days will pile up if your office is appropriately professionally cleaned every week. Don’t forget all the office furniture like curtains, skirtings, and carpets that will last longer after some quality and consistent cleaning.

  • Make your office a powerful symbol of the professionalism of your own business by showing your clients just how clean your environment is. People notice this; if your office is under control and has been maintained properly, what does this say about how you run your business? Only good things.

  • Great numbers of those who work in an office are likely to feel alienated at times; this is normal in the current climate. But show your employees that you are in their corner by putting in some resources to create a clean and healthy space for them to work in. This sends a powerful message. Telling your employees through staff newsletters that they are being looked after is one thing; acting on your words is another.

Size does not change the need for commercial cleaners. If you want to make a meaningful investment in your office space, we are here to assist.

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