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Covid19 and reopening for business

What's changed and are you ready?

As the in-house Micro Biologist at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, I thought it might be useful to share some of our and our clients’ Covid19 experiences during the vexed “returning to normal” office and school reopening journey.

Never before has commercial cleaning – and by commercial cleaning I mean “Scientifically Cleaning” – been so crucial to all  our well being. Covid19 has certainly driven that point home.

What “looks clean” can and often does carry lethal microbes below that veneer, and without a well thought out Commercial Cleaning Strategy, areas of risk can be missed.

Our city commercial cleaning clients have understandably found it challenging, and Kiwi Commercial Cleaning have partnered with them through the re-entry journey. This has involved strategic desk spacing, temporary kitchen closures, thorough area analysis and regular cleaning of high touch/risk areas, and, where required, on site testing. In short, whatever is required to keep staff safe has been discussed and implemented.

Kiwi Commercial Cleaning will this week be onboarding new testing equipment to further assist with the back to work process, with the ability to test on site, with immediate results, for harmful bacteria.

As microbiologist to Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, I for one am excited about helping wherever we can, with our great commercial cleaning team, in making this journey as safe as possible for everyone.

Angela B.

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