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Our Training Academy

25th July, 2020... What a wonderful day it was!

It was a resounding success, most of which was due to the valued attendance and participation by all our Franchisees and their staff.

Our Training Academy enabled us to reaffirm and expand our existing knowledge. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to reconnect and hold an event that facilitated the exchange of information. These events allow us, as a company, to grow and evolve. It allows us to expand our knowledge and keep up with the latest information and technologies available to us.

We were able to explore the various avenues of the “Science of Cleaning” and also reinforce our knowledge of the physical aspects of cleaning. Our aim was to be able to bridge the gap between the Science of Cleaning and the physical side of cleaning. By achieving this, we provide a cleaning service that not only cleans for the aesthetic but also to create a safer environment.

Our world, over the last six months, has experienced a time like no other. This has affected our thoughts on cleaning, now and for the future. We, at Kiwi Commercial Cleaning, have taken on this task with absolute earnest, and the Training Academy was just another way we are tackling these ever-changing times.

May we always continue to be the best that we can be !

Angela Behrens

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