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Safely Returning to the Office at Alert Level 1

As we move in and out of Alert Levels 1 - 4, and those in between, it is imperative that we continue to remain vigilant and our cleaning strategies take centre stage once again.

With a scientific approach to cleaning, the risks of possible infection can certainly be minimised. HR managers, company directors and staff are now even more focused on the efficacy of cleaning and how it provides a safer environment for the workplace.

As a microbiologist and being both on the board of directors and involved in the field, I bring that desired objectivity to the cleaning process. We can now accurately assess the efficacy of our cleaning.

The “Science behind Cleaning” is again at the forefront of our battle to keep everyone safe as we return to our communal workplaces. Taking our service to that next level, we aim to provide an environment that will keep people safe in these uncertain times.

Please take note of the Public Health Guidelines for businesses at Alert Level 1:

  1. Advise people with possible COVID-19 symptoms that they should not enter the workplace or other premises.

  2. Enable good health, hygiene and safety practices.

  3. Display the official QR codes to enable people to keep track of their movements with the NZ COVID Tracer app.

  4. Encourage physical distancing where practical.

See the link below for the official confirmation of Auckland’s move to Alert Level 1.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland will move to alert level 1, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirms

Kind regards,

Angela Behrens


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